Where there is a woman,
there is a way.

We start with real people and community action.

For us, it’s not about finding what’s wrong and fixing it. It’s about finding what’s right and supporting it. We work closely with local people impacted by the climate crisis to address their immediate needs, while developing grassroots and future-fit systems to support them. We work with stakeholders and collaboratively understand how solutions can be cultivated and scaled. The world doesn’t need climate heroes, it needs climate communities. That’s why we resource local leaders who are responding to hyperlocal climate challenges, with a global impact and support them in working as a collective. We’re building a powerful network of change-makers that’s rooted in action and elevating solutions that people on the ground are already committed to. That’s what sets us apart.

We create a just climate future, from bottom to top, from the inside out.

We act at the intersection of gender equality and decolonized climate leadership, helping to reframe the global climate discussion, focusing on community and women-led initiatives. Utilizing our position as self-led, frontline community members with unique access to a global network, we strive to connect people of marginalized gender identities from the Tropics to each other and international partners. Harnessing the unmatched expertise of local actors as they hold the frontline of the climate crisis, our approach ensures critical local knowledge is effectively included in the global climate response.

We regenerate tropical nature.

The Tropics are home to 80% of the planet’s biodiversity and include some of Earth’s most beautiful yet most threatened regions. The region has key agricultural lands that the world needs to feed the 9 billion in 2050. At the same time, 85% of the extremely poor live in tropical countries. If humanity doesn’t address tropical deforestation, the next pandemic will likely come from the Tropics. If we fail to limit global warming to 1.5 above pre-industrial levels, the temperature in many tropical communities will reach the limit of human adaptation, triggering the greatest migrations waves our species has ever seen. The Tropics are the first line of defense against climate change, and the consequences of the Tropics failing to adapt are catastrophic and global. That’s why this is our priority area of action.

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