Hear the voices of women leaders holding the frontline of the climate crisis.

The powerful voice of a connector

Meet Rosangela Maria, coordinator of the NGO Comissão ilha Ativa, a woman who embodies the values of courage and care on climate leadership that Filha do Sol promotes. The daughter of a fisherman, of quilombola and indigenous descent, she has been pushing environmental and social justice agendas for 13 years with a focus on empowering women in the region. Together with her Verde Vida Mangue team, Rosangela raises awareness among key players about the protection and regeneration of mangroves in the Parnaiba Delta nature reserve, through socio-environmental education projects and mangrove monitoring and replanting. 

The wise voice of a mentor

Meet Rosemar Medina, leader of Encantaria, an ecofeminist collective working on self-care and community care, and leader of Flor da Vida, a community movement that integrates nature and education through the principles of Permaculture. Born in a violent neighbourhood in the peripheries of Sao Paulo, one of the most populated and unequal megalopolis of the world, this powerful networker has been supporting Filha do Sol from its origins, helping mobilizing women and coordinating the first cohort of the Women’s Climate School. She is the one of the initiators of the women’s circle in Barra Grande, Piauí, Brazil and the one every woman go to for strategic advice. She embodies Filha do Sol’s values of love and resilience on climate leadership.

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