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TEDxESMPU: Is love defining the new generation of climate leaders? | Flavia Maia

Is love, not anxiety, the defining emotion of the next generation of climate leaders? Dr. Flavia Neves Maia takes a journey through the history of climate migration of her family in the Brazilian Northeast, the mobilization of women for climate justice in the Parnaíba Delta in Piauí and in Maranhão activated by the NGO Filha do Sol and the practices of self care.

Let's Get Changed: E20 – From the heart: Centering relationships, self-care, and community in pursuit of climate justice

In today’s episode of Let’s Get Changed, we speak with Dr. Flávia Neves Maia, co-founder and Executive Director of Filha Do Sol, a Brazil-based nonprofit organization working with women at the frontlines of the climate crisis.

One Earth: Restoring Ecosystems at the Frontlines of the Climate Crisis through Women-led Climate Coalitions

One Earth’s Project Marketplace funds on-the-ground climate solutions that are key to solving the climate crisis through three pillars of collective action — renewable energy, ecosystem conservation, and regenerative agriculture. This project is restoring essential wetland ecosystems by empowering women.

Columbia Global Centers: A different approach to taking on climate change

The same approach practiced by Filha do Sol, a women-led and community-centered nonprofit in northeast Brazil whose co-founder and CEO, Flávia Maia, helped organize the day-long event and moderated one panel. "Climate, hope, and science don't come together in the same sentence very often, but we believe that this is what will move us forward—this alignment between head, heart, and hands,” said Maia, pictured at left.

Forum Verde: Empowering Climate Leaders in Frontline Communities with Flávia Neves Maia of Filha do Sol

Filha do Sol recognizes that mangrove restoration is not simply about planting trees. It's about creating the right social and governance conditions to make our natural and community systems healthier.

Daughters for Earth: Creating a Joyful Climate Future in Northeast Brazil

Flávia Neves Maia was supposed to be in New York for her scholarship to Columbia University when the pandemic first hit. Like billions around the world, she remained at home. For Flávia, home is Northeast Brazil, along with two other friends in similar situations, Rhavena Terto Madeira and Rebeca Viana Rodrigues Nunes. They all moved to Barra Grande, a fishing village on the coast of their home state.
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