Women are a force of Nature.

Filha do Sol uplifts frontline women's leadership on
ecosystems regeneration and climate justice.

Filha do Sol (Daughter of the Sun) uplifts women who respond to hyperlocal climate challenges with a global impact. 

We work for and with women in frontline communities. We harness our expertise to ensure that local and gendered knowledge is effectively integrated into global climate responses. We strive to restore the climate balance and realign power dynamics. We know hyper-local, globally connected and feminist-based initiatives are essential to a realistic and sustainable solution to the climate crisis. 

From mangroves regeneration and agroforestry to access to water, food and waste management 

– where there is a woman there is a way.


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Now it is on you.
Help us build the world's 1st Women's Climate School.

If climate impacts had a face, it would be the face of a woman of color from the Global South.

The climate crisis is not gender neutral. It disproportionately affects black, indigenous and people of color, particularly women. 

At the same time, women are powerful. Data shows that by simply unlocking women’s access to the same resources as men, there is a cascading effect in solutions to climate change – at a global scale!

Resourcing frontline women is a game-changer. No one is closer to climate impacts and have more urgency towards solutions than us. 

But we can’t implement solutions without resources – 80% of philantropic funding goes to organizations led by men, and only 0,2% focuses explicitly on women and the environment (Women in Dev, 2021). This needs to change. Now.

That’s why we are building the world’s 1st Women’s Climate School – to nourish frontline women with the connections, funds and science they need to take their local wisdom into a global and collective climate response.

Filha do Sol partnered with Women’s Earth Alliance, a global initiative that catalyzes women-led, grassroots solutions to protect our environment and communities, to run the Climate School first program, the Women in Tropics Accelerator. To expand, we need your donation.

You can make a difference. Your donation will help grassroots women become the next generation of climate leaders.

In Northeast Brazil,

the sun announces a new era

Women are uniting, shining light on climate change, and speaking of the crisis we face from a place of love rather than fear.

We are daughters of the sun. We believe wholeheartedly that human beings can be good for the planet, and we trust in the power of women in the frontlines to lead this journey. 

Together, we can write a new future – resilient, tropical and feminine. 

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